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Cogen or CHP is a technology where thermal “waste” from traditional power generation is recovered and repurposed - reducing utility costs and carbon footprint and improving reliability.


Inherently efficient, cogeneration eliminates waste and can often double energy production efficiency to significantly reduce annual utility costs, as well as provide a number of remarkable operational benefits.  Microgrids; consisting of renewable energy systems, energy storage devices, and CHP combined heat and power; lowering your company's energy bill and saving money.  

We know that unless deploying onsite generation makes financial sense at a business level, it will never be widely accepted. We are focused on how Microgrid systems will result in a substantial savings on your company's electric bill and provide consistent reliable clean power. We are aligned with your business well-being and profitability in mind.




Battery / EV Charging Stations

LED Lighting

EMS (energy management system)


Wind Power